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good but...

not funny. I know what you mean about not expecting this to make the front page. I mean, there really was only one joke. And the voice actor for snake needs to be more raspy. Good graphics though.

Shadowii2 responds:

I didn't mean it by that, it was just I wasn't satisfied with the animation work here so I wasn't expecting to get one.
But thanks for your opinions.


At first the FBF was kinda uh but then I got used to it and realized hey, that's just your style. It IS different from other stick animations out there but it's still awesome! All the effects were really cool, of course. This is very different and unique and I dont think some other people here realize that. I like it! Thanks for posting!

Where aliens have taken over his body!


OMFG that is the hardest I have ever laughed! EVER! I was crying, dude. Like, hard. Funniest movie evar.

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I love it! Played it one first difficulty and won... then played on second and lost rather quickly... then tried again on second and almost lost at the beginning but made a hell of a comeback and ruled the galaxy!

I can't believe this is only a Beta!!! This was perfect as is... but please don't make the full version too complicated. Once you add ship upgrades and different tiers of specialized stars (like Defence lvl 1, lvl 2, etc) then it's impossible to catch back up once you've fallen behind. And you have to be constantly checking the menus and thinking "is it the right time to buy this upgrade? should I buy this or this? Are the upgrades balanced or is there one that will help me out of this particular situation?"

It may seem like a boring idea to you, but I suggest that if you want to add upgrades and tiers, etc, you should make them automatically affect all players depending on game time. As I said before, your game is perfect as is. Adding visual changes periodically throughout the game will make it more visually appealing and will keep people's interest longer. Even if you don't technically have to "work" for the upgrades, they are your reward for simply staying alive.

Honestly, think about it, the only complaint that people have is that it is too hard. Would you want to increase the complexity of the game by forcing people to micromanage? That will only increase the number of complainers. Give them the micromanagement for free but show them the progress, and they will be more interested.


"Let's go make some spead-sheets"? More like, "Let's go play some video games" or "Let's surf the net on a browser that's actually compatible everywhere"

my other summary was too short

I play dance dance revolution and guitar hero and that minigame was retardedly hard. I beat it the second try but just barely. And why does the sequence lag like that whenever you hit the breaks? I thought it was a glitch at first, but it kept fucking me up. If you just make things smoother it would improve gameplay. And lower the minimum score to like 1000, maybe lower. Or keep it where it is and just allow people to just start the chase over, not have to go through all the bs over again.

But you're only flaw is the chase here (though it is very flawed I think) overall good game so I gave you a 9.

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about your last response...

As for your instruments... that's not really all that important. Something that I learned fairly recently is that you want all your instruments to be fairly evenly spaced out on the frequency spectrum. For example, in this song you have a lot of high-pitched stuff happening. Just by making one of them an octave or two lower would make this song a lot better. Also, make an actual bass part. Just having an 808 as the bass will work for a short time, but for the girth of your song you need a punchy, low bassline.

I disagree with the previous reviewer... I do not believe that the arp thingy makes anything clash. It fits perfectly, but is completely unexpected. After all that time, the listener is expecting something happy. If you don't want this song to be happy, add a simple something to the beginning that gives the feel you want.

I hope this helps a little. Just listen to a lot of music here on newgrounds that you want to sound like and just sit and analyze it... and see if you can figure out how to sound more like it.

ScratchBatteryMusic responds:


Thank you very much for FINALLY giving me the detailed and intricate review that i've been looking for! Your absolutely right about everything you said. And yes i've actually been finding myself studying great music a lot and understanding it. I guess a lot of my repetition (that everyone hates) comes from my affinity for Daft Punk. I'm still taking baby steps as far as music production but I learn at a rapid pace so as for my music, maturity will come!

Thank you so much again for writing this!!!

Nice progression

I liked your movement in this song. I agree, it's short, but that's perfectly OK. better to make something short that sounds great than try to make something long that doesn't sound so good. Having said that, I wish you used Reason so I could add more to it, do a little collab :)

EpicMastermind responds:

wow, someone likes this song! :) Yes I want reason really badly but I can't afford it.


This is cool. It's really weird and trippy but that makes it good. I couldn't help but notice the default drum loop though. I haven't use FL in ages and I still recognized it.

Other than that, this is definately Ambient, and I think you should make more.

EpicMastermind responds:

thanks! :) I will make more of these :D

PM or Email me if you want custom music for your flash.

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